Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two in a Day!

I love guitars.
I have seven. I've given away two. I want more. It's a problem I have.
In order of when I got them:

Yamaha Classical (~1970's)

This one was my mother's father's father's guitar.
I sounds deep like a well and warm like a wood-fired stove.

Fender Squier Stratocaster (1997) blue-ish

This was the first guitar that I bought for myself.
When I realized that it sounded like there were rocks banging around the pickups, I changed them out for some slightly-less-sucky EMGs.

Yamaha F325 (1999)

I'll love my sister forever for buying me one of these. She was the first person to believe I had talent. It's a beginner guitar, but I don't care. I loved it. I passed it along to a new beginner. I feel like that was the best for the guitar instead of sitting around not being played.

Ovation Elite Special (2001)

My parents bought this for me one Christmas. Better than the Yamaha, but still not that great. I gave this one to my sister a few years ago after she moved out and I got a better one.

Martin 00016RGT (2005)

I bought this one for myself and I'm still playing it. It may not be the loudest, but it's the most articulate acoustic guitar I've ever played. I love this thing.

Steffens T (2006) not pictured

It plays exactly the way I want it to. It was custom assembled by me.
  • Boat-shaped (for my abnormally large hands) Strat-style neck
  • '72 Tele Thinline semi-hollow body (with custom paint)
  • Seymour Duncan humbuckers
  • all black accessories (tuners, knobs, pickguard, etc.)
Takamine EC132SC (2006)

I write most of my music while playing a classical guitar. I wanted one I wouldn't have to worry about breaking when I travel with it. I just wasn't willing to take the risk with my great-grandfather's. It plays great (even tone, excellent playability) Very solid. Very worth it.

Supro Val Trol (1958) sunburst
Quite the strange little guitar. It plays blues very well. It's different and I like it.

Gibson L6-S (1973) cherry burst

Has a very full sound to it. It has a huge range of sound (6 different positions with the pickup selector). It can get quite loud if you're not careful. It's really fun.

Somehow I still want more.

Gasp! A Music Related Post!

I hate 'ice-breakers'

There are two possible resulting opinions people will have of you after an ice-breaker.
  1. Lazy
  2. Crazy
You either say:

My name is Terry.
I like the beach.


My name is Terry.
Teleportation...definitely teleportation. If I could only have one superpower, it would have to be teleportaion. If i could have the superpowers of one super hero, I would change my answer to Superman's powers...but that's pretty much cheating (flight, super-strength, invulnerability, heat vision (what's that all about anyway...lasers from your eyes? and yeah...I used parentheses inside of parentheses.), & ice breath), but if i was forced to narrow it down to one...teleportation.

All that to say...I hate Bon Jovi

The last ice-breaker in which I was forced to participate the question was: Do you prefer the mountains or the beach. My answer was: I hate Bon Jovi.

I really don't like passionately sung songs with unimportant subject matter. I understand Bon Jovi as an 80's band. Just starting out, Dead or Alive totally makes sense. They were on the edge of completely fading into the gray of glam metal, but they decided that they were going to play their music whether it killed them or made them kings. I totally get that. It's cool, even. BUT when you put Have a Nice Day and Who Says You Can't Go Home on the same album AND release both as singles, that's when I lose all respect for their musical endeavors.

Bon Jovi decided it would be cool to tell people to have a nice day at deafening decibel levels and then tell us that he loves New Jersey. They were wrong. Don't get me wrong, I like New Jersey as much as the next guy, but seriously no one should ever say, "I hijacked a rainbow and crashed into a pot of gold" with a straight face.

The first thing that anyone asks after y0u bash a famous band is: "What bands do YOU like?"
My answers will produce one of the following responses:

  • Who's Damien Rice?
  • Who's Sufjan Stevens?
  • Who's Ryan Adams?
  • Why do you musician types always pick obscure artists? They can't be that good if they're not as famous as Bon Jovi.
I hate Bon Jovi